Bootstrap login form with source code

Jan-28-2023 DevelopersTricks
Bootstrap login form with source code

Creating a fantastic login form design is a major element of building a successful website. Bootstrap is a powerful web development framework that makes it simple to construct visually attractive login forms.

In this article, we'll look at how to utilize Bootstrap to construct a basic yet appealing login form.

To begin, add the Bootstrap CSS file to your HTML page. This will let you use the Bootstrap components and styles. Create a simple form with a username and password box. Additional fields can be added if necessary.

After that, you'll want to style the form with Bootstrap classes. This is possible with the "form-group" and "form-control" classes. The "form-group" class wraps all of the form components, whereas the "form-control" class styles the individual fields. You may also use the "input-group" class to group together relevant form fields.

Finally, you may change the appearance of the form by adding extra CSS classes. This will allow you to give your shape a distinct appearance. For example, you may add a submit button to the form by using the "login-btn" class. You can also add more Bootstrap classes to further personalize the form's appearance.

You can use Bootstrap to design a nice-looking login form by following these instructions. You can construct a form that looks amazing and is simple to use with only a few lines of code.

Steps to create Login form::

Creating a login form with Bootstrap is a great way to make a professional-looking website quickly and easily. Here is a script you can follow to create a login form with Bootstrap:

  • Start by creating a Bootstrap project in your preferred code editor.
  • Then, create a basic HTML document with the Bootstrap code.
  • Next, create a div with the class "container" to act as the container for the login form.
  • Inside the container div, create a div with the class "row" to contain the form elements.
  • Inside the col-lg-6 div, create a form element with the Bootstrap class "form-control".
  • Inside the form element, create two input elements with the Bootstrap classes "form-control" and "form-control-lg". These will be the username and password fields.
  • After the input elements, create a "button" elements with classes "login-btn". These will be the login button.

Last, add a link to the CSS files provided by Bootstrap so that the form looks and works properly.

That's it! With these steps, you'll have a fully functioning login form with Bootstrap in no time.

Libraries and Plugins:

  • Html
  • Css
  • Bootstrap

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